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tonsillitis doctor Chennai

Tonsillitis Doctor Chennai

Tonsils- meaning the lymph nodes located at the back of our throat and ‘itis’ pertaining to mean inflammation. Thus, tonsillitis refers to the ‘ inflammation of the tonsils.’

The lymph nodes are the termed ‘fighters' in our body. Tonsils too, help in protecting the body against a multitude of infections by producing lymphocytes.

tonsillitis doctor Chennai

At times, it so happens that these barriers too might get infected. Ever felt that tingling discomfort in your throat that would just not go away with warm water or gurgling? This might be a result of an infection in the tonsils! It is accompanied by fever, headache, even change in voice maybe. As dangerous as it sounds, tonsils are very commonly occurring disorders that can be taken care of by undertaking few measures only;

Tonsillitis maybe a cause of bacterial or viral infection. But you can put your worry aside, these infections already have a varied range of medication laid down in line on your table!

Have any of the above listed mild symptoms? an ‘ibuprofen’ is sure to the trick and alleviate your pain. Also, taking warm water, having liquid diet is a add on to get you healthy and fit soon. Rare cases are as such, where tonsillitis require a step ahead of medication treatment. When the big lump on your throat won’t sit down and the pain gets excruciating, doctors generally advice a surgery. Tonsillectomy or removal of the tonsils takes place widely causing no Ill effect to the body.

Precautions after getting infected:

Tonsillitis are very contagious. Steps should be taken to isolate one self and not pass on the virus to the members around. Avoid drinking and eating in the same utensils. Only this many measures would keep you and people around you safe.

Nevertheless, a week of time is all that it takes to recover from tonsillitis


Up to 70 percent of cases of acute tonsillitis are caused by viruses, which often include adenoviruses, influenza viruses, parainfluenza viruses, enteroviruses, and Mycoplasma. Children and young adults infected with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), with infectious mononucleosis, may develop tonsillitis. Herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, and the measles virus have also been associated with tonsillitis.

Infectious means you can pass the infection to someone else. The infection may spread by close physical contact with other people, or by droplets in the air, caused by sneezing or coughing.
As with coughs, colds, flu and other similar infections, there is a chance that you can pass on the virus or bacterium that has caused tonsillitis.

Patients with symptoms of tonsillitis should see their primary care provider or an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist, or otolaryngologist. To determine whether a patient has a viral or bacterial infection, a doctor will typically swab the tonsils or pharynx (rapid strep testing). However, false negatives can occur with this test, so it is recommended that doctors obtain a throat culture in patients with negative rapid strep testing but who also show symptoms of streptococcal disease. Patients with a throat culture that is positive for GABHS, but without tonsillitis symptoms, are likely strep carriers. Viral tonsillitis usually gets better without additional treatment. Hydration and pain control are important, and hospitalization may be required in severe cases, particularly when a patient becomes dehydrated or has an airway obstruction. Bacterial tonsillitis is usually treated with antibiotics, which help GABHS tonsillitis get better faster, and prevent complications such as rheumatic fever. Common antibiotics used to treat tonsillitis include penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides, and clindamycin.

Common symptoms include fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes, but the type of tonsillitis determines what symptoms may occur. Acute tonsillitis—Tonsillitis most often occurs in children, but rarely in those younger than two-years-old. Symptoms of acute tonsillitis include:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty swallowing (called dysphagia)
  • Painful swallowing (called odynophagia)
  • Dehydration
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck
  • Mouth breathing, snoring, or sleep apnea
  • Tiredness, lethargy, and malaise
  • White patches, pus, and/or redness of the tonsils
  • A fine red rash over the body suggests that scarlet fever may be complicating a case of tonsillitis.
  • A fine red rash over the body suggests that scarlet fever may be complicating a case of tonsillitis. These symptoms usually clear up in three to four days, but may last up to two weeks, even with therapy. Some patients experience recurrent acute tonsillitis in which symptoms return shortly after completing antibiotic therapy.

    A fine red rash over the body suggests that scarlet fever may be complicating a case of tonsillitis. These symptoms usually clear up in three to four days, but may last up to two weeks, even with therapy. Some patients experience recurrent acute tonsillitis in which symptoms return shortly after completing antibiotic therapy.

    Treatment depends on the source of the infection. If caused by a viral infection, treatment may be similar to a cold or flu with over the counter pain and fever medication and rest. If the source is a bacterial infection, an ENT doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Every case should be evaluated and treated by an ear, nose and throat specialist to make sure that the infection clears up properly.

    Testimonial Notes

    What Our Happy Patients Had To Say !!

    Tonsillitis always manages to knock me off my feet. I'm in such a bad mood because of it. Aside from the painfully closed pus-filled throat, I also get headaches, vomiting, aches all over, sleep issues, and a general sickly, weak sensation from head to toe that takes a long time to pass. Antibiotics take effect after a few days, but the rest of the symptoms last for a long time. I don't eat much, and many of the drinks I used to enjoy make me sick. It's a vile creature! Things have been much better since I have met Dr Rohini. She undoubtedly provides the best tonsil infection Treatment Chennai.

    tonsillitis doctor Chennai

    I went to the ER because I had tonsillitis and I was looking for tonsillitis management.
    I couldn't sleep since swallowing was terrible. They tested it and claimed it was only viral and that it shouldn't be a concern because it would go away on its own in a few days. It's been four days, and I awoke this morning unable to even speak without excruciating pain. I've been unable to accomplish even the most basic tasks, such as swallow liquids or foods, or even my own saliva, and have had to spit every time my mouth filled. It all comes back up if I try to swallow it. I am glad I consulted Dr Rohini and my life has been much better ever since.

    tonsil infection Treatment Chennai

    The most noticeable symptom of tonsillitis is excruciating discomfort when swallowing even my own saliva. I have dry lips (dehydration), a fever, and pain in my neck when I move it. My doctor suggested three zithromax tablets per day, five acetaminophen pills, and Prodent, a liquid to gargle. I'm feeling considerably better now after three days of treatment from Dr. Rohini. She is a fantastic tonsillitis doctor in Chennai, and I wholeheartedly endorse her.

    tonsil infection Treatment Chennai

    I had the flu and viral tonsillitis at the same time, so I can't tell for sure which symptoms were caused by the tonsillitis alone. Intense exhaustion, nausea, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes, throat bleeding, inability to swallow (liquids or solids), dizziness, headache, and, of course, extreme pain were all symptoms I encountered. I've been feeling considerably better after seeing Dr. Rohini, and I'm now living a regular life. My symptoms have subsided, and I am far more active than I was previously.

    tonsillitis management

    As soon as the doctors entered the exam room, they were ready to tackle my viral tonsillitis and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. Dr. Rohini She, in particular, was quite pleasant during the therapy. They were incredibly helpful in teaching me more about my situation, even though they had to refer me to a neurologist. They even planned my neurology appointment for me so that I could see a doctor who specialises in difficult circumstances. I appreciate everything Dr. Rohini and her centre did to assist me in resolving my problem.

    viral tonsillitis

    I've been quite pleased with the care I've received here for viral tonsil infection. The staff is competent but friendly, and the doctor has never made me feel rushed while answering the thousands of questions I had about treatment alternatives. While he was open to her expressing her thoughts on the best course of action, it didn't feel like a need. They come highly recommended! Dr. Rohini, in particular, listens to you and provides you with the finest recommendations while also caring about your entire health. She is someone I would suggest to everyone.

    viral tonsil infection

    Dr. Rohini is an expert in tonsil surgery and a consummate professional. She has a superb bedside manner and is very personable. I've seen a lot of audiologists throughout the years that I've had hearing aids, but she's the best!" When I go there, I always have a terrific time!! From the techs that administer my allergy shots on a weekly basis to the nursing team in the back!! Dr. Rohini and her aide have the most positive personalities! Needless to say, I adore this location!

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