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nasal endoscopy surgery chennai

ENT Specialist Surgeon Chennai

Dr. Rohini is the best ENT specialist with expertise in endoscopic ear surgery. She has years of training and experience in minimally invasive ear surgery. Transcanal endoscopic ear surgery (TEES) is minimally invasive surgery to operate on tiny, delicate structures within the middle ear. It differs from traditional ear surgery in that surgeons access the middle ear through the ear canal rather than through an incision behind the ear.

ent specialist surgeon chennai

Endoscopic ear surgery is less painful and faster recovery. Our clinic has the state of the art technology and the latest equipment with world-class facilities for performing delicate surgeries.

Endoscopic ear surgery offers several benefits over traditional ear surgery, such as:

  • In Endoscopic surgery, there is no visible incision.
  • During endoscopic surgery, there is a better view of the surgical area.
  • Faster recovery

Endoscopic ear surgery can improve the quality of life of patients and can prevent the condition from worsening. The ENT problems can destroy nearby structures, such as the ear bones, facial nerve, and inner ear. Surgery is often necessary to avoid hearing loss, facial paralysis, balance problems, or brain infections such as meningitis, which can be life-threatening.

We ensure low-cost and affordable treatment and offer seamless care. We have highly skilled and talented ENT specialists. We have neurologists and otolaryngologists locally and worldwide in the latest minimally invasive and open surgical procedures. Feel free to contact us now. For any query, consult us now!


Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person has obstructed airflow during sleep. This results in oxygen imbalance in the body which therefore affects the cardiovascular system.

The Pillar Procedure is a minimally invasive technique to stiffen the palate. It is done with a simple injection into the soft palate with local anesthesia.

It is the latest surgery for removal of abnormal parathyroid gland.this procedure is done through a very small incision that is camouflaged and results in minimal to no scarring.

Testimonial Notes

What Our Happy Patients Had To Say !!

I visited Dr. Rohini last year because of my recurrent tonsil infections. She is a fantastic ENT specialist, she gave me the best available treatment for tonsillitis, and since then, I have no significant issues. I highly recommend her.

ent specialist surgeon chennai
Happy Patient

I had an online consultation with Dr. Rohini because of my headache last month. She gave me complete guidance and helped me to cope up with my headache during this covid crisis. Her charges are very basic, and she is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. I recommend her.

ent surgeon specialist chennai
Happy Patient

Dr. Rohini is an expert ENT specialist. My daughter was having sinus problems, and she recommended endoscopic sinus surgery. She had fine surgical skills, and her clinic is well equipped with the latest instruments. She is highly talented and knowledgeable. Thank you, doctor.

ent surgeon specialist chennai
Happy Patient