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ear hole repair without surgery in chennai

Ear Hole Repair Without Surgery in Chennai

The part of the ear where people mostly adorn themselves with earrings, is the earlobe. Since time long, our culture has practiced the piercing of the ears, to accessorise with the jewel. In some zones, this comes from a place, where this is a custom to get the young girls pierced. Worldwide, it is the showcase to beautify oneself. Also, earlobes constitutes of just skin and fat, since no hard cartilage is a part of it, people take this too, in their advantage to overburden the lobes with very heavy, hanging rings.

ear hole repair without surgery in chennai

What we forget to take care of, is the fact, that, such heavy jewellers worn in the ear, may cause its drooping and in extreme cases, may also result in a split in the ear

But, nevertheless, nowadays, almost every problem has a solution! Since, the earlobe is at a place of direct contact view to everyone, thus, its aesthetics, have to be always kept in mind

If you have had a split in a ear, you can directly approach the doctor for its surgery. A surgery, lobuloplast, so as to say, takes a mere one hour to

give you back that new, puberty, uplifted earlobe. Yes, it’s that simple and cost effective too. Concerned about the pain? Well, this surgery is done under the affect of local anesthesia. So, there is a readymade solution, to your problem. Even though, there are methods to rectify a split or a droopy ear, we should still, take in our earnest concern to not overhang the ears for beauty purposes alone.

Earlobes can be classified as

  • Incomplete cleft where the split occurs due to the adornment of heavy jewelleries. This is bilateral
  • Complete cleft occurs as a result of local trauma to the ear. It usually affects the ear unilaterally.


Treatment comes of course in the form of surgery. The doctor simply sutures the split ear under anesthesia. The stitches are removed in the next appointment

In case of pain, the patient maybe advised to take pain killers. But this is a rare occurring. After the surgery, utmost vigilance should be made to keep the surgical site clean. Within a few days, the patient is fully recovered. The prognosis of a earlobe repair is very good.


Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person has obstructed airflow during sleep. This results in oxygen imbalance in the body which therefore affects the cardiovascular system.

The Pillar Procedure is a minimally invasive technique to stiffen the palate. It is done with a simple injection into the soft palate with local anesthesia.

It is the latest surgery for removal of abnormal parathyroid gland.this procedure is done through a very small incision that is camouflaged and results in minimal to no scarring.

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I visited Dr. Rohini last year because of my recurrent tonsil infections. She is a fantastic ENT specialist, she gave me the best available treatment for tonsillitis, and since then, I have no significant issues. I highly recommend her.

ear lobe repair doctor in chennai
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I had an online consultation with Dr. Rohini because of my headache last month. She gave me complete guidance and helped me to cope up with my headache during this covid crisis. Her charges are very basic, and she is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. I recommend her.

ear lobe repair doctor in chennai
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Dr. Rohini is an expert ENT specialist. My daughter was having sinus problems, and she recommended endoscopic sinus surgery. She had fine surgical skills, and her clinic is well equipped with the latest instruments. She is highly talented and knowledgeable. Thank you, doctor.

Ear lobe repair treatment in chennai
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