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ear infection doctor Chennai

Ear Infection Doctor Chennai

Are you facing that jamming, congestion discomfort in your ear? Are you anticipating it to be something to turn you deaf to? Well, it might not be the case. Ear infection can be one of the most probable reasons to your problems. An ear infection usually occurs when the virus or the bacteria infests your middle ear.

ear infection doctor Chennai

Eustachian tubes also plays an active role in plaguing your ear with an infection, if proper care is not taken. At times, these tubes swell up causing obstruction in the natural fluid movement inside the ear. Bottle- fed babies are very vulnerable to this infection as they have narrower eustachian tube as compared to adults. When these babies lie down and are fed, they are at risk of clogging their tubes and eventually get an ear infection.

Another damaging factor is when the adenoids get swollen. As these lymph nodes are placed in close vicinity to the eustachian tube, they choke the

tubes, hence, again causing an ear infection. Children are more prone to this outcome due to their large size adenoids.

To make things more handy for you, here is a list of what you may encounter on getting an ear infection;

  • Pain in the ear
  • Discomfort
  • Pressure building up in your ears
  • Outlets of pus
  • Muffled noise
  • Fever


Ear infections are usually treated by doctors using drugs like the ibuprofen and acetaminophen. In case of a persistent ear issue that may also lead to loss of hearing, the doctor will resort to surgical methods. Putting a tube through the ear to release the fluid is also a technique favoured by the doctors. No matter, whatsoever be the case, the doctor will easily mitigate your problem and self aware you from future harm.


An ear infection (also known as otitis media) is when the middle ear (the area behind the eardrum) has infectious fluid in it. It is diagnosed by a provider looking in the child’s ear with an otoscope to see if there is infection. An ear infection is caused by fluid getting trapped in the middle ear (the area behind the eardrum). The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear into the sinuses, which allows fluid to drain. Sometimes (often after an upper respiratory illness), the sinuses are inflamed, not allowing the fluid to drain, and allowing infection to occur. It is more common in children because their Eustachian tubes are horizontal. As we grow, they become more vertical, allowing fluid to drain more easily.

The most common symptom of an ear infection in older kids is ear pain, they may also have a fever. It often occurs after a cold or significant allergies, but not always. In young children, it can be more difficult to discern these symptoms, as symptoms of an ear infection can be very non-specific. These include: fussiness/irritability, fever, not sleeping well, not eating well, pulling at the ears, headache, or overall not feeling well. Drainage from the ear is also a sign of an ear infection, and possibly a ruptured eardrum. If your child has tubes in their ears, you also may see drainage from their ears.

That depends on several factors: your child’s age, their history of ear infections, the severity of the infection, and if it is in one or both ears. The body is designed to fight infection, and can clear up an ear infection on its own. Your provider will discuss options with you and together you will come up with the best plan for your child. They may recommend a watch and wait approach, where you keep a close eye on your child for a few days to see if they improve or worsen which will help decide if they need antibiotics or not. They also may recommend antibiotics at the time of diagnosis. If your provider does prescribe antibiotics it is important that your child completes the course, even if they are feeling better before they have finished.

Unfortunately, ear infections are often non- preventable, and some children are more prone to ear infections than others. There are some things that have shown to decrease the risk. Breastfeeding, avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke, and getting all recommended vaccines (including the flu vaccine) can all help prevent ear infections. Frequent handwashing is known to prevent the spread of illness, which in turn can help your child stay healthy! Encourage your children to wash their hands!

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ear problems doctor Chennai

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Doctor for Ear infection Chennai