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Ear Barotrauma Doctor in Chennai

Consult the Best Ear Barotrauma Doctor in Chennai

Baro means pressure, thus, barotrauma of the ear refers to the discomfort and pain caused in the ear due to exertion of pressure difference . The Eustachian tube gets blocked in this scenario.

Ever experienced the blockage in the ear while travelling in an airplane or riding speedily down the lane? This is a small scale of barotrauma occurring to you due to the pressure changes.

Ear Barotrauma Doctor in Chennai


  • Ear pain ranging from mild to severe
  • The jamming or blocked sensation in the ear
  • Pressure feeling
  • Nose bleeding
  • Hearing loss


In mild cases, decongestants can be given to the patients. Although, you don’t even have to take any medications, if you got a barotrauma after trekking or a long drive.

You can treat this yourself by yawning, or doing breathing exercises. But, in severe cases where the pain is excruciating, the doctor will suggest a surgery for you, relieving you of the pain.


This can be brought about by keeping the eustachian tubes open. If you are flustered by the ‘mumbling' sound in your ear whenever you take a flight or go diving or trekking. Few steps would act as your precautionary measures to avoid such an exasperating situation.

  • Take decongestants an hour earlier to your flight
  • Anti histamine also are a great drug to free you off this hassle.

Precautionary steps and proper care of the eustachian tubes, to avoid imbibition of the fluid, are to be ticked mark in keeping away the blockage to the ear, and thus, keeping away a barotrauma ear!


Ear barotrauma, also known as airplane ear, is that clogged-up, sometimes painful feeling you get in your ears when the air pressure changes quickly.
It's the biggest health problem for people who fly. And it can be especially painful for babies and young kids because their ears aren't fully developed.

  • Stuffed feeling in your ears
  • Muffled hearing because your eardrum can't vibrate and make sound the way it should
  • Ear painExtreme ear pain
  • Dizziness called vertigo
  • A busted eardrum -- fluid or blood leaking from your ear is a sign
  • Hearing loss
  • With a mild case, your symptoms should go away shortly after you get back on land. If they don't or if your symptoms are serious, see your doctor.

    Your ears are especially sensitive to changes in air and water pressure. Still, most people don’t get ear barotrauma. You may be at risk if you have a problem with your eustachian tube where it doesn’t open normally. Reasons that may cause this include:

  • Stuffy sinuses
  • A cold or other infection
  • Allergies
  • The shape and size of your ear canal
  • Tobacco smoke or other irritants
  • Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy
  • You’re at a higher risk of ear barotrauma if you’re around loud explosions in the military or scuba dive without proper gear.

    Mild symptoms of ear barotrauma usually last a few minutes. If they last longer, you may need treatment for an infection or another problem. Serious damage, such as a burst eardrum, may take a few months to heal. Sometimes you may need surgery to repair the eardrum or the opening into your middle ear.

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    Your entire team is so lovely and helpful in all of their interactions that it instantly relieves our pain the moment we speak with them or walk into your office. Dr. Rohini is such a nice and compassionate person. I owe you a great debt of gratitude for treating my Barotraumas so well and for behaving so well with all of us and your patients. I pray to the Supreme Lord for success in all of your dealings/treatments, as well as good health, fame, riches, and unconditional love.

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    Dr. Rohini recently treated my husband for a condition. I'm grateful to God for bringing us together. Despite the challenges, the treatment was completed successfully under her skilled hands. She is not just an excellent Ear Barotrauma Doctor in Chennai, but also a compassionate and helpful human person. I used to call her with any questions I had, and she would patiently answer them. I will be eternally thankful to her and her team of doctors for taking such good care of my spouse. Her clinic's staff is also really helpful. Thank you, Dr. Rohini.


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    Ear Baro Trauma Treatment in Chennai