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bat ear treatment Chennai

Bat Ear Treatment Chennai

Bat ear are the protrusion of the ears. This may affect one, or both the ears in the same way. The reason for it comes down to the fact of malnourished cartilage when the child was inside the womb of his mother.

A child dealing with such a problem may become socially withdrawn as he faces negligence and even bullying, in many instances, in his school. To pull up the confidence of the child, parents consider this treatment and consulting a doctor for a right way approach to it. Bat ear or prominent ear or otapostasis, are the many names given to it.

bat ear treatment Chennai

Once the child goes through the dilemma of facing his friends in school as he fears being ridiculed, the child in these cases, mostly, avoid schools by giving false excuses. It’s the parent’s duty, to come forward in comforting their child, boosting up their confidence and also taking the necessary measures.

One such ‘to go’ step is to take their child to a doctor. The doctor gives an appointment to them and on the day of the surgery, the bat ear is put to correction!


The surgery is not a much complicated one, the doctor rectifies the ear by reconstructing the cartilage and making it appear less protrusive. This is done under the affect of general anesthesia. The doctor mostly uses dissolvable stitches and thereafter, bandages the head of the patient.


The surgery, though a minor one, requires care to keep infections at bay. The head bandage can be opened after two days and replaced with lighter dressings. The child is not hospitalized in such surgeries. The aftercare to the treatment is important so as to maintain the intactment of the surgery. Although, a light bandage covers the surgical site, it must be looked after that no water, pollutants enter in that area. Taking a shower also means, to keep the head area dry. After few weeks of recovery, the child heads back to get a normal life.

This surgery calls for a permanent cure to the bat ears. In very few cases, the protrusion of the ear may reoccur or an infection in the site of the surgery may take place. They both are rare occurrences, do there is not much need to be apprehensive. If proper after care is taken, then the reoccurrence to the bat ear is easily avoided.


A dressing is worn around the ears and head for one week. There will be bruising and swelling as well. It is most important to protect them from bending or other trauma and we recommend wearing a headband at bedtime for 2-3 weeks.

There are plenty of benefits to undergoing ear surgery or otoplasty in Ontario. It can help increase your self esteem and confidence, especially if you have noticeably protruding and large ears. Many parents whose children have particularly large ears opt for otoplasty procedures in Toronto because it can help decrease the chances of their school-aged children being teased by their peers and it can also improve their ability to wear glasses or earrings more comfortably. More importantly, it can also correct congenital issues in the ear such as Microtia and Anotia in addition to fixing complications resulting from blunt-force trauma or physical injuries such as having piercings accidentally torn out.

There’s no specific ideal age or age restrictions when it comes to receiving otoplasty surgery. In fact, most children around the age of 4 or 5 are eligible to undergo the surgery as long as their ears are fully developed. Children’s ears usually develop into full-sized adult ears by this time. As a precaution, it’s advised that parents consult with at least two plastic surgeons before committing their young children to such a procedure to ensure that their child is absolutely ready for it. Otherwise, future problems and complications could arise throughout the child’s formative years.

The full recovery period for both children and adults lasts anywhere from four to six weeks, but you’ll start to notice results immediately after removing the protective dressing from your face. Young adults and older adults can typically return to school or work respectively after about seven to eight days following surgery, but should refrain from participating in any strenuous physical activities for at least one month to avoid undoing the surgery.

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Dr. Rohini's work was of the highest quality, and there was no one else we'd rather put our trust in. We're blown away by the results. I can't express how life-changing the operation has been for my family and me. With Dr. Rohini's knowledge, expertise, and reputation, you can't go wrong. Dr. Rohini is an expert in her field, and I would suggest her to anyone searching for exceptional service for bat ear treatment Chennai. The friendliness and graciousness of her entire staff will greet you the instant you walk into her office.

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Thank you very much for taking such good care of our daughter's ears. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to our concerns and respond to our questions. We also wanted to express our gratitude to your personnel for their patience and care in giving bat ear post-surgery support. We will undoubtedly refer anyone requiring bat ear surgery to your office.

Doctor for Bat ear treatment Chennai

I was welcomed into their team right away, and I never had any doubts about the team or my decision to get otoplasty. The staff is friendly and sincere, and they made me feel welcome. It was time for my operation three months after meeting with everyone. Dr. Rohini and the other nurses who would be with me throughout the surgery met with me. Overall, I was apprehensive about the procedure, but not about Doctor Rohini and her team. Finally, it was time for surgery, and Doctor Rohini held my hand as I was sedated, and I was awake before I knew it. She is the best Doctor for Bat ear treatment Chennai and I highly recommend her. The employees attended to my needs, and I was on my way home in less than 20 minutes. My ears were wrapped in bandages for 5 days, and it was actually rather pleasant! Of course, there was some discomfort, but it was little.

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I just wanted to express my gratitude for making my surgery experience more bearable. And, if you're considering Dr. Rohini, I strongly advise you to do so because she is the best Doctor for Bat ear treatment Chennai. I got otoplasty about a month ago, and my ears have never looked better! Dr. Rohini and her team are really kind and informed. They made sure I spoke with Dr. Rohini's other patients so I could learn more about her and their experiences with her. They obviously adore her; otherwise, why would I entrust my ears to her? She spent a lot of time with me from the first appointment, answering my questions and putting me at ease. The operation center's staff was likewise fantastic. My anesthesiologist and nurses were both really kind and accommodating. I'm quite pleased with my overall experience there.

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