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Allergies are the so called knock to your body, in case of an advancing threat. The body is so well programmed that it detects the harmful factors and provides an antibody in response to the antigens, for safe guarding the bodily functions. It so happens, that sometimes, the body also reacts to harmless threats and ‘ builds a barricade,’ to these foreign objects. The body's mechanism to create antibody is by showing signs of inflammation, itching, redness, etc. This is what we recognize as ‘allergy.’

allergy doctor chennai

The common allergens maybe pollen, people getting allergies from some specific food like eggs or fish, certain plants, certain drugs, etc.


Allergies can have a diversity of implications;

  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Skin rash
  • Redness
  • Swollen eyes

Severe allergies are caused in the form of anaphylaxis where there is a loss of consciousness, this can be a life threatening allergy. In an anaphylactic shock, the supervision of the doctor is a must or else the patient may also lose his life!


Before the cure, is the prevention. Before resorting to medication, you should be at a position to stay away from the allergens that are a source of your allergy.

In case, the allergy has already occurred, special drugs are available in the market to help you get rid of the allergy symptoms. The best being;

  • Anti histaminic drugs
  • Cetrizine
  • Corticosteroids

In case of a sever allergy, epinephrine injection tins are given to the patient to fight the causative agents of the allergies.

It is still best, to avoid much medications and shots, and prevent oneself from the exposure to allergens.


Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person has obstructed airflow during sleep. This results in oxygen imbalance in the body which therefore affects the cardiovascular system.

The Pillar Procedure is a minimally invasive technique to stiffen the palate. It is done with a simple injection into the soft palate with local anesthesia.

It is the latest surgery for removal of abnormal parathyroid gland.this procedure is done through a very small incision that is camouflaged and results in minimal to no scarring.

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I had an online consultation with Dr. Rohini because of my headache last month. She gave me complete guidance and helped me to cope up with my headache during this covid crisis. Her charges are very basic, and she is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. I recommend her.

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Dr. Rohini is an expert ENT specialist. My daughter was having sinus problems, and she recommended endoscopic sinus surgery. She had fine surgical skills, and her clinic is well equipped with the latest instruments. She is highly talented and knowledgeable. Thank you, doctor.

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