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Adenoids Treatment in Chennai

Adenoids Treatment in Chennai

Like the tonsils, even adenoids constitute a part of the lymphatic system, fighting against germs, providing a ‘shield' to the body. Adenoids are lump of tissues, residing at the back of the nose. Adenoids vary from the other lymph nodes, as they decrease in size after the child has reached 5 years of age.

Adenoids Treatment in Chennai

Like the tonsils, even adenoids constitute a part of the lymphatic system, fighting against germs, providing a ‘shield' to the body. Adenoids are lump of tissues, residing at the back of the nose. Adenoids vary the other lymph nodes, as they decrease in size after the child has reached 5 years of age.

  • Ear infectionss
  • Runny nose
  • Cracked lips
  • Snoring

A doctor’s visit is a must, if your child attains any discomfort. The early years of the child are very feeble so no negligence should be taken. This can also prevent any further, maybe even fatal diseases from occurring.

An E.N.T specialist usually looks into this matter and after diagnosis, he may just provide the child with an antibiotic to emit the symptoms. If he considers a surgery, in case of a more advancing problem such as repeated enlargement of the adenoids, obstruction in breathing, this too is not a reason to have a crease on your forehead. Adenoidectomy involves the removal of these enlarged adenoids. It is a minor surgery and the patient does not have to be hospitalized thereafter. Within a few days, the child fully recovers and can get on about with his frolicking activities too.


Adenoids are bits of spongy lymph tissue that play a major role in the immunity system of the upper airways. They are part of a child’s defense against disease. White blood cells circulate through the adenoids and react to bacteria and viruses in the body.

Bacterial or viral infections can cause an infection known as adenoiditis. This infection causes swelling. The infection itself is a problem and the swelling caused by the infection causes other problems. Swollen adenoids block the Eustachian tubes that drain fluid from the ears. This can lead to repeated ear infections. The problem is not the ear – it’s the adenoids.

Adenoids are useful and active during the early years of a child’s life. They play an important role in building the child’s immune system. Sometime about the age of 10, the adenoids begin the shrink and completely disappear by adulthood. If your kid makes it through childhood without adenoid problems, they will never have adenoid problems in the future.

An adenoid infection can mimic some of the symptoms of a cold. For example, your child may have a sore throat or a stuffy nose. These other symptoms may or not be present:

  • Bad breath
  • Earache
  • Trouble breathing through the nose
  • Snoring
  • Swollen neck glands
  • Most of the time, enlarged adenoids affect children. Infants and younger children may not be able to express that they are in pain or are experiencing other symptoms of enlarged adenoids. Some signs to look out for in babies and children include:

  • breathing through the mouth frequently
  • the nose being stuffy or runny without illness
  • a dry mouth and cracked lips
  • noisy breathing
  • a nasal-sounding voice
  • frequent or persistent ear infections
  • snoring
  • poor-quality sleep or pauses in breathing during sleep
  • The doctor will take a child’s medical history into account before recommending adenoid removal. This procedure may be beneficial if one or more of the following problems are occurring:

  • snoring or sleep apnea due to enlarged adenoids
  • recurring ear infections that do not respond to antibiotics
  • a buildup of fluid in the ear and earaches from adenoid swelling
  • repeated infection of the adenoids that does not clear up with antibiotics
  • excessive daytime sleepiness due to adenoids interfering with sleep
  • behavior or learning issues as a result of poor-quality sleep
  • Doctors usually place children under general anesthesia during adenoid removal, which means that they will be sleeping and unable to feel any pain. It is important to avoid all food and drink for several hours before surgery to prevent vomiting during the procedure.

    Sometimes, both the tonsils and adenoids become swollen and infected. The removal of both glands at the same time is known as a tonsilloadenoidectomy.
    Not everyone who needs an adenoidectomy will require tonsil removal and vice versa. Doctors base the decision to remove either or both of these glands on the child’s specific symptoms and medical history. Children who tend to have swelling of both the tonsils and adenoids may be good candidates for a tonsilloadenoidectomy.

    The lack of incision during the surgery means that stitches are unnecessary. The child may feel pain or discomfort in the throat, nose, and ears for several days following surgery. The doctor may prescribe pain relievers or recommend over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help relieve any pain. These should never include aspirin, which can increase a child’s risk of developing Reye’s syndrome. In general, most children recover from adenoid removal within 1–2 weeks.

    Adenoids are glands that are high up in the throat behind the nose and roof of the mouth. They are part of the body’s immune system. The adenoids catch germs in the nose before they can cause illness. However, these glands can become swollen as they fight off bacteria or viruses. When this happens, the adenoids may enlarge and interfere with breathing and sleeping. They may also feel sore or painful.

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    What Our Happy Patients Had To Say !!

    ‘Dr. Rohini, I owe you a debt of gratitude. I've reclaimed my life. I was afraid I'd have to quit my job as a teacher because I was experiencing Adenoids at inconvenient times. I've been feeling considerably better since the Adenoidectomy surgery, and I'm back to leading a normal life. My nervousness has been substantially decreased because of your calm and soothing consulting manner. It's nothing short of a miracle. I can't express my gratitude to you enough.

    Doctor for Adenoids Chennai

    Thank you so much for performing my tonsil and adenoid removal surgery. In your capable hands, I felt confident, cared for, and secure. I was able to sleep soundly knowing that you would do all possible to improve my hearing. Not only has the procedure affected me and my wife, but it has also impacted younger members of my family with whom I now have conversations that were before impossible. I can't express my gratitude enough.

    Doctor for Adenoids Chennai

    Our son's tonsils and adenoids have been removed for a year. Well, that was a fantastic procedure! He made a remarkable recovery and showed no signs of pain. Thank you very much! He wasn't nauseated after surgery and was able to eat regularly right away! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to the anaesthesia staff. I highly recommend Dr Rohini as the best Doctor for Adenoids in Chennai.


    Just a few words to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. We will recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for the best Adenoids Treatment in Chennai. My wife felt extremely comfortable with you during the initial appointment, and she enjoyed how you spoke directly to her and asked her how she was feeling. She felt in control and was looking forward to the surgery, partially because she expected to feel better after so many months of illness, but also because she trusted you to ‘make things well.

    tonsil and adenoid removal

    Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all you have done in the lives of our children. Finding a doctor like you when both of your children had swollen adenoids was never simple, and having everything under one roof is definitely a dream come true. Our family and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have your guidance and support on this special day. Thank you for patiently answering all of our inane inquiries.

    swollen adenoids

    Through the kindness of volunteers, nursing, pharmacy, support personnel, and facilities, your hospital exemplifies the principles of hospitality and quality. You're adept at giving hope to bereaved and frightened families. Even with a hectic work schedule, scheduling and appointments were never a problem. We had a wonderful experience with you and the office personnel. Throughout this most trying period, you reassured us. Without you, we and our children would not have been able to achieve what we have today. When given the opportunity, we would gladly refer Dr. Rohini's ENT hospital to anyone who is suffering from inflamed adenoids.

    inflamed adenoids

    Dr. Rohini went to tremendous lengths to explain everything to us before the procedure, assuaging all of our fears. My daughter was suffering from tonsils and adenoids and is now like any other healthy child and attends a regular children's school as a result of the treatment. We also appreciate DR. Rohini's post-operative assistance. Whether it's mapping, therapy, or any other help she needs, the hospital has been really accommodating and helpful. We will never be able to express our gratitude to DR. Rohini enough for her selflessness and unwavering efforts on behalf of my daughter.

    tonsils and adenoids

    Since I was six years old, I've had enlarged adenoids... My parents took me to a number of different doctors. A throbbing sensation used to be excruciating for me as a child, and it still scares me. When my parents arrived at Dr Rohinis ENT Clinic, it was all over. Dr. Rohini persuaded my parents that the surgery was necessary, and I must say that it was the best decision my parents ever made. I was operated on when I was nine years old, and I have had no problems since then.

    enlarged adenoids

    I recall that it took less than a week from diagnosis to operation. I was terrified, and he handled my situation admirably. Dr. Rohini did an excellent job, and no one, including myself, could know I had surgery. I was also easily directed and assisted with the mediclaim settlement. Thank you very much, Dr. Rohini, for taking the time to talk and educate me on adenoids symptoms, the surgery and post-surgical requirements during our appointment.

    adenoids symptoms

    By extending your sympathy and warmth, Dr. Rohini made me feel as if you truly cared. I was never rushed into a procedure of getting adenoids removed. You clearly understand your field and your patients. I also want to compliment you on your employees, as your receptionists were quite pleasant and always greeted me with a grin! This appears to be a rare occurrence during these hectic times. However, when you receive this kind of warmth from a doctor's office, it is really noticeable and welcomed. It's not often that a doctor's appointment is a pleasurable experience!

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