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acute otitis treatment in chennai

Acute Otitis Treatment in Chennai

It refers to the inflammation of the middle ear. Extreme pain follows this disorder. Occurring commonly in children, it is a sad sight, as most toddlers, cannot even vocalise the reason to their discomfort. Parents, should always be at the edge of taking actions when such drastic incidents take place.

acute otitis treatment in chennai


  • An ongoing irritability and crying of the child
  • Acute pain
  • Picking on the ear
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Fluid dripping out of the ear
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Hear loss.

Eustachian tube carries forward a vital role in the normal functioning of the ear. In any case, if the tube gets blocked and swollen, it results in an infection at that point, finally giving rise to acute otitis media. The dysfunctional, swollen tube can be due to;

  • Enlarged adenoids
  • Horizontal and shallow eustachian tubes
  • Sinus infection
  • Flu
  • Bottle drinking by laying down


Home care remedies include;

  • placing a warm towel over the infected ear.
  • Taking pain killers and antibiotics.
  • Use of ear drops.


Acute otitis media (ear infection) describes inflammation of the middle ear, or tympanum. During an ear infection there is fluid in the middle ear accompanied by signs or symptoms of ear infection including a bulging eardrum usually accompanied by pain; or a perforated eardrum, often with drainage of pus (purulent material).

Bottle Feeding is a risk factor for otitis media in infants. Breastfeeding passes immunity to the child that helps prevent acute otitis media. The position of the breastfeeding child is better than the bottle feeding position for Eustachian tube function.
If a child needs to be bottle fed, holding the infant instead of allowing the child to lie down with the bottle is best. A child should not take the bottle to bed. In addition to increasing the chance for acute otitis media, falling asleep with milk in the mouth increases the incidence of tooth decay.

Ear infection symptoms generally include trouble hearing and fever; fluid drainage and dizziness and congestion in the ear. The hallmark of an acute ear infection is sudden, piercing pain in the ear. The pain may be worse when lying down, making it difficult to sleep. Other symptoms include difficulty hearing, fever, fluid drainage from the ears, dizziness, and congestion. Young children with otitis media may be irritable, fussy, or have problems feeding or sleeping. Older children may complain about pain and fullness in the ear (earache). Fever may be present in a child of any age. These symptoms are often associated with signs of upper respiratory infection such as a runny or stuffy nose, or a cough.

Hearing loss may occur as a result of an ear infection because pus buildup dampens eardrum vibrations. Temporary hearing loss may occur during an ear infection because the buildup of pus within the middle ear causes pain, and dampens the vibrations of the eardrum.

Untreated ear infections can lead to more serious complications, including mastoiditis (a rare inflammation of a bone adjacent to the ear), hearing loss, scarring and/or perforation of the eardrum, meningitis, speech and language development problems, facial nerve paralysis, and possibly -- in adults -- Meniere's disease.

Remember that the common cold is a key cause of ear infections. Because of the highly contagious nature of the common cold, one strategy for prevention of the cold itself and subsequent ear infections is to keep cold viruses at bay. The most effective way to do this is frequent and meticulous hand washing. Other strategies to prevent acute ear infections are to ensure a child is vaccinated. Ensuring that a child receives an annual flu vaccine and is up to date with his/her pneumococcal vaccine are excellent strategies used to prevent the most common causes of ear infections. Other lines of defense against ear infections include avoiding secondhand smoke and breastfeeding your baby for the first year of life.

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My youngster had been experiencing ear ache for the past six months. In his ear, he was in excruciating agony and swelling. I was concerned about the pills provided and afraid that he might be forced to take them for the rest of his life. We approached Dr Rohini later. He was diagnosed with otitis (ear infection otitis media) and is now completely pain-free. I would categorically state that this is one of the greatest hospitals in the area. Infrastructure, doctors, and technicians were all first-rate. Their approach made us feel very at ease.

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Dr. Rohini is to thank for making me feel better and for making me who I am today. All of a sudden, I developed acute otitis symptoms. I was having trouble sleeping at night. My entire life was turned upside down because of this issue. I didn't get enough sleep at night because of my erratic sleeping habit. I was having trouble concentrating at work because I hadn't gotten enough sleep. Due to my illness, I avoided travelling. Dr. Rohini was discovered through a Google search. I discovered that I could solve my respiratory problem and sleepiness. I completed the recommended treatment and now feel much more at ease and healthy.

Doctor for acute otitis

This location has left a lasting impression on me. I've been dealing with otitis for a few years, but I was unwell in January. We're still figuring out what's causing the problem, but I'm so impressed that I had to review early. Stacey performed my allergy test and she was fantastic! So welcoming and informed. I'm hoping we'll be able to figure this out soon, but I definitely suggest this location for acute otitis treatment in Chennai.

Doctor for acute otitis

Dr. Rohini is a wonderful individual who is incredibly knowledgeable. Today's office visit with her left a lasting impression on me. She gave me thorough reasons for my life-long otitis acute and allergy problems. And my apprehension about having a scope in my ear was unwarranted; it wasn't nearly as unpleasant as I had imagined! Not only would I highly suggest her, but I'm also scheduling an appointment for my seven-year-old son to visit her. Five stars for the employees, the online form, and the office.

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The best Doctor for acute otitis treatment . Over the course of a couple years, I've experienced health issues, and they've helped me get through it all! Always phoning to make sure I was up to date on where we were in the process. Everyone in this office is professional, and they all have excellent bedside manners, which is becoming increasingly rare in medical professionals. They are kind and engaging and take the time to listen.

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The front desk personnel are also really polite and professional. Dr. Rohini is the type of doctor who goes out of her way to ensure that you, the patient, understand why she is prescribing certain treatments or conducting certain tests. Both PAs are in the same boat. I appreciate everyone in this office. I had ringing in my ears and contacted around for same-day appointments. Dr. Rohini's office was able to accommodate me. She is the best Doctor for acute otitis . The staff was prompt in scheduling a hearing test in conjunction with my consultation. My situation was explained to me by the PA, and I was given meds that helped me feel much better!!! This practise is one that I would suggest to everyone of my friends and family.

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